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Don't try to fix your frayed cable—prevent the damage in the first place

Your laptop charger goes everywhere with you, but all that back-and-forth takes a toll. If your cables start to fray, they become not only unsightly, but dangerous. Here’s how to deal with broken chargers, and protect them from wearing out in the first place.The danger of frayed cablesWe all know how bad a worn-out charger looks. But how much harm can it actually do?“There are two potential victims—the user, and the device,” says Arthur Shi, technical writer at iFixit. “For users, the biggest danger is electrocution via wall AC current. Fortunately, chances are usually low.” That’s because, when AC current from the wall reaches the power brick, it gets converted to DC power before flowing to your device. Most frayed wires happen on the DC side of the cable—the one that plugs into your computer—rather than the more durable AC side, which plugs into the wall. However, Shi says, “If the AC wire is frayed, you should immediately stop using it and repair or replace it.”When frayed wires o…