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{Answers Added}Amazon Moto Maze Contest

One more competition by amazon name as Amazon Motrola Labyrinth where this time they are providing free Motrola G5 Value Rs 1699 to find there items by there given signs. Well its an easy activity and any once can win it, also we have included the signs to make your perform more simpler. So people its a great opportunity for you to recover the cash this provide where you can win a Motrola G5. So people we have included Amazon Motrola Labyrinth Contest Alternatives. So people keep all this just adhere to few actions to acquire Amazon Motrola Labyrinth Contest:

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1) Just just click here to obtain Newest Edition Of Amazon App

2) Now set up and start the app

3) Now logon or register there in amazon app

4) Then just click On Amazon Motrola Labyrinth Banner

5) Then choose maze and start playing

6) Now you have to find items by following the clues

7) On each item there is a web weblink for next clue

8) Finish it by discovering all 10 clues

9) And you will be qualified for contest

10) Well examine we have included the answers also



Clue 11 Response : Motorol Plus 2 SH005 Wired earphone Black
Clue 10 Response : Funskool Jenga
Clue 9 Response : Maggi 2 Moments Dinner Masala 560 Gram
Clue 8 Response : FastTrack UV Secured Aviator Eyewear M138BK1
Clue 7 Response : La-Z-Boy Best Couch Black
Clue 6 Response : HP DeskJet Ink  Advangate 2135 All in One Printer
Clue 5 Response : The Master of the Jewelry J R R Tolkien
Clue 4 Response : Jixing JXNG 6 Post Sound Instrument Black
Clue 3 Response : BL Wi-fi Convenient Wi-fi bluetooth Presenter Black
Clue 2 Response : Amazon kindle Paperwhite 6″ High Quality Show 300 ppi with integrated Mild Wifi
Clue 1 Response : Dangal Film DVD



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